Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

Claims Procedure

  1. Call Autosure Claim Services on 0800 809 700

    You will be required to advise:

    • Policy number
    • Vehicle registration number
    • Current vehicle odometer reading.

  2. All repairs must be carried out by an Authorised Repair facility. Contact us and we will direct you to your nearest Authorised Repairer.

  3. If the vehicle can be driven safely without causing further damage take it to the nearest Authorised Repairer. Alternatively arrange to have it towed (some policies have cover for towing included).

  4. Present your policy to the repairer to determine if the breakdown constitutes a claim and request the repairer contacts us.

  5. We may also require other documentation, such as proof of servicing and other relevant invoices. You may be required to complete a claim form.

  6. If the repairer is unable to determine the fault it may be necessary to dismantle parts. If this is the case we must be notified, however, only you can authorise this work to be carried out. Please note: The contract for repair is between you and the repairer. Any costs not covered by the policy (including excess) must be paid to the repairer at the completion of the repairs.

NOTE: Any repairs commenced without the prior approval of Autosure are excluded from cover.