Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP)

Imagine what would happen if you’re still paying off your car loan and your car gets written off?

It would be a big financial strain to have to pay your old loan as well as trying to finance a new car. So we’ve designed our policy to help protect you financially and get you back on the road again if the worst happens.

What is GAP?

Autosure Guaranteed Asset Protection Insurance (GAP) protects you against losses that may occur when your vehicle is declared a total loss and the total loss settlement amount paid by your vehicle insurer is less than the outstanding amount you owe to your financier for your vehicle loan. GAP can only be taken out at the time of the vehicle sale and can only be purchased in conjunction with a credit contract.

Maximum loan amount $100,000. Maximum loan term 84 months. How does GAP work image is for illustration purposes only.


  • Choice of main benefit options
  • Range of additional benefits to help with the costs of replacing your car
  • Protects your household income for other purposes

This is a summary only – please see the policy document for full terms, exclusions, conditions and benefits.

GAP Benefits

Policy Document

This is our current policy wording – please contact us if you would like a copy of a previous policy document or schedule.

Example of a GAP Claim

You have an accident in your car. Your comprehensive insurer deems it to be a total loss and pays the market value amount to your financier, leaving a $5,000 outstanding balance on your loan that you are liable for (and which must be paid immediately). If you have GAP, it would pay the $5,000 less the comprehensive insurance premium and the original GAP premium, plus any appropriate additional benefits – potentially saving you thousands*. Purchasing a replacement vehicle can also be an expensive exercise which is where the additional benefits can really help out.

*This is an example only. There may be other deductions depending on the status of your credit contract.

Important Information

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