We New Zealanders love our cars and you want to enjoy driving them – knowing they’re safe & reliable.

So we’ve teamed up with an extensive network of partners throughout the country to provide a range of affordable insurance products, designed to give protection and peace-of-mind for the motor vehicle industry and motoring public of New Zealand.

Autosure Insurance

We have a range of insurance products designed to protect your budget and your ability to drive your car with peace of mind – giving you and your family the freedom to enjoy the lifestyle you love.


Autosure Insurance can help safeguard your investment in your car, your family’s lifestyle and your credit rating.

Important Information

  • You are protected by responsible lending laws. Because of these protections, the recommendations given to you about our insurance products are not regulated financial advice. This means that duties and requirements imposed on people who give financial advice do not apply to these recommendations. This includes a duty to comply with a code of conduct and a requirement to be licensed.
  • DPL Insurance Limited is a member of the Financial Services Federation. Find out about their Responsible Credit-Related Insurance Code.